Trisha's 60th

This page is all about the celebration of the BIG DAY in a villa in the LeMarche region of Italy in September 2015.

You are here because you have been invited to the event and we really hope you can make it. From this page you will find links to the villa we have rented, information on the local area, nearby attractions and historical places and information on transport.

There will also be suggested day trip itineraries and of course, how we plan to celebrate the birthday itself.

Any questions leave a reply below, drop in home and see us or just give us a call!



Villa Pomegranate


Villa Pomegranate is located in the LeMarche region of Italy, about 20mins from Porto San Giorgio on the Adriatic Sea. LeMarche is an area of central Italy to the east side and along a stretch of the Adriatic coast.

No doubt you want to know where the LeMarche region is relative to the well known regions of Tuscany and Umbria.
It is beside Umbria on the western border and just connects to Tuscany in the north-west corner. It is larger than Umbria but smaller than Tuscany. The map on the right shows this as well as giving an indication of the regions location relative to the major cities of Roma, Sienna and Venice.

 The nearest main centre to the villa is Fermo, approximately 8km north-east.

Getting there…
This will depend on where you are coming from. You may possibly do a tour before arriving at the villa and may already be in Italy or Europe generally.
So the information below will only be for travel from the major centers of Rome or Venice. We will endeavor to give you as much information as we can but as always in these things, do your own research!

By air..
The nearest airport is Ancona Airport ‘Rafaello Sanzio’ in the coastal city of Ancona which is the capital of the LeMarche region, approximately 80km north of the villa and 60 minutes by car.
Ancona airport is serviced by Alitalia, Lufthansa, Ryanair, United, Delta.

Car hire is recommended for the time we are there as the villa is not on a public transport route and is something that will have to be considered for getting to the villa from the airport.
Incidentally, Ancona is a major ferry port with links to Croatia, Greece and Turkey.



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