Christmas Message 2012

Another eventful and busy year in the Head Household, it’s hard to believe it’s been 12 months and the festive season is upon us again.

The year started in fine form with our gorgeous daughter home for the Christmas break, after spending several years traveling the globe. It was amazing to have her back home, especially for Christmas.

At the same time our son headed off on his dream trip – surfing his way down the coast of Mexico. He and a mate Wade, hired a car and off they went stopping at little bays and surf breaks as they traveled down the Mexican coast. Not an uneventful trip with stories of lost wallets, pickpockets, missed flights and car jackings – it’s probably better we don’t know any more. Nevertheless they had a great time with a highlight being New Years Eve in Las Vegas.

One of the highlights of our year was a family trip to NZ in April, it has long been a dream of Chris’ to attend Wanaka Warbirds, an international air show held at Easter every two years. We traveled with good friends Barry and Pat and met up with all the Kiwi family. Adam and Danika both joined us and we spent an amazing time together in Dunedin, Wanaka, Queenstown and Wyndham.

The other significant event was Chris’ retirement, after much procrastination he finally took the plunge on 2 August and hasn’t looked back since. Day 1 of his retirement saw the alarm go off and to his great surprise we were off to a mystery destination – El Questro no less and what an amazing few days – a fitting start to retirement.

Since then we’ve spent a week in Broome with good friends, Barry and Pat and Chris has enjoyed a couple of trips to Sydney to see his Mum, sister and family and of course to spend time with our daughter Danika.

Danika has settled into Sydney life and now calls her new St Peters abode home. She is the Facilities Manager NSW/ACT for Transfield Services, a job she finds challenging but enjoyable…..most of the time. Her work has enabled several trips home to Perth so we are very happy to spend a few days here and there with her.  While working hard and playing hard Danika still has the travel bug in her system and talks of  plans for future trips – this year saw her not only in NZ with us but also off to Hawaii for a friends wedding. She keeps herself very fit and active and as a vegan tries to live a healthy lifestyle…..

As CFO of a manufacturing company my work life is hectic and certainly keeps me out of mischief. It is wonderful to come home to an organised house with a lovely dinner cooked – – yes I can really get used to this.

I’ve been keeping active myself with Step into Life – exercising in the local parks, I love it – the programs are varied and the groups small and I love being outdoors –   yes even when its cold and wet – must be the Kiwi coming out in me!!

I also took part in Relay for Life this year, 24 hours of walking laps of a track carrying a mascot, a great experience albeit tiring and I’ll certainly look forward to participating again in future years.

Adam too is a hard worker with his company IQ Technology doing very well. He has covered plenty of air miles this year with frequent visits to Sydney to catch up with his sister……….. what’s that you say ……. Perhaps a girlfriend on scene? Well yes indeed a delightful young lady has appeared in our lives and her name is Rennae…. Over the year she has spent 8 weeks here working and studying and several weekend visits. They’ve also been to the Galapagos, Ecuador and Machu Picchu midyear for a friend’s wedding and are heading off to Japan in a couple of weeks for New Year.  Life’s good – despite the tripping around and hard work Adam has still had the time and energy to compete in Western Muddrush in Perth, Tuff Mudder in Sydney and the MTB Cape to Cape Mountain Bike Race in South West WA.  He rides or runs to work most days and it seems we have bred a couple of fitness freaks!!!!

Chris has rejoined a local gym….. he has to keep up with the rest of the fam and it all helps his golf…apparently!!!!!

Christmas started early for the boys who have just spent a long weekend in Bali with good friends and neighbors Graeme and Michael and tell me this is now an annual event…..

We are all very excited about Christmas as we’re heading to Newcastle to spend a few relaxing days….. eating, drinking and just enjoying each others company. It’s been 5 years since we’ve had both our children for Christmas so it will be fun. We’re also lucky enough to have Mum join us from across the trench and of course Rennae.

Most importantly this festive season the Head family would like to wish you, one and all, a fabulously happy time together enjoying each others company. Stay safe

Until next year …….. enjoy

For our Christmas photos click here: Christmas 2012

Trish, Chris, Adam and Danika



  1. avatar
    Jude and Doug

    What a great idea! Glad you had an awesome Christmas!
    Mum still buzzing Happy New Year

    • Hey guys!!
      Yeah mum had a ball – ask her about our balloon grabbing contest using sticky snakes in Newcastle!! It was great to have her spend Christmas with us and the family.
      Have a great 2013!!

  2. Hi to the Head Family,
    Getting the electronic Xmas letter now… My word we are up with it. Sounds like you are all fit and well and have had a great year. All the best to you all for the New Year.
    Lotsa luv,
    Maria xx00

    • Hi Maria
      Yes we’ve gone ‘upmarket’ !! Hope you and Muzz had a great Christmas and that 2013 turns out be an outstanding year for you both.



  3. Great update! All the best for Xmas and enjoy the family time..

  4. Have a fantastic Christmas. We will miss you! Hi to the east side crew and hope it’s a cooler one than our 40 degree jobby! Sar x

  5. Where DID you find the time to write this …you really are superwoman!! What a full year you’ve all had and we’ve been delighted to share some of your adventures. Bring on 2013!
    Wishing you all a very happy family Christmas from all the Fitzzzzzz Family xoxo

    • Thanks guys
      She is a superwoman and we were so glad you could share some of our experiences with us.
      To you and yours have a fabulous Christmas and lets have an awesome 2013!!

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    Kate Thompson

    This is amazing! Sounds like an epic year when condensed that way! Well said Trishy! Wish you, Pissy, Danika and Adsy the most amazing Christmas time together and look forward to more catch ups and good times in the new year! Lotsa Love and hugs, Thommo and Mel xxx

  7. Adam (your fav :))

    I like your sign off mum with my name before Ninga’s! Yea thats right Dingballs!
    You also neglected to include the km’s you covered in your relay to life event mother dearest – for those reading this I’m proud that Mum covered 134 laps equating to a whopping 55 kms!!! That’s a massive effort when fit let alone with a strained hamstring! Well done Mama!! 🙂

  8. Well said !

    Merry Xmas


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