Christmas Message 2013

Wow, what an eventful year and how quickly it’s flown by………..

We celebrated an amazing Christmas last year in Newcastle – hired a house and holed up for a few days with the family. It was especially great to have Adam’s girlfriend Rennae spend Christmas with us and the icing on the cake, my Mum – all the way from NZ.

The highlight was probably the 9 foot blow-up Santa that had to bow his head to fit in the dsc_1867room, or was it the fridge that broke down with all our Christmas supplies or maybe catching up with our great friends, The Behn family at the 16 footer on Lake Macquarie at Belmont. Oh well – I guess it was just all great!!!

We topped the experience off with a few days in Manly and New Year’s Eve harbourside watching the fireworks – Wow Sydney town really knows how to turn it on!!!!

Over the year we’ve spent several long weekends away, among them Easter at Balingup, Foundation Weekend at Bunker Bay, a weekend at Margaret River and Queens Birthday weekend at Jenolan Caves – pretty full on year so can’t complain.

It was great to visit Sydney and check out Danika’s new pad and meet her housemates. She is well settled and enjoys the lifestyle Sydney has to offer especially living in the Newtown area with all its funky shopping options, trendy eateries and alternative lifestyles options – and at half the price of Perth.  Danika changed jobs this year and is very happy in her new role as Building Manager with the Goodman Group. Quite an achievement – the only female at her level in a group of a dozen of more male Building Managers – and yes she does give them a run for their money!!!  That’s our girl.

We have been very lucky to have her in Perth for a couple of long weekend visits, so while they are fleeting they are certainly action packed as we make the most of every minute. I do have to mention – she has almost converted her father to tofu – she may make a vegan of him yet……………. or not!!!!!

Chris is thriving in retirement and manages to fill his days with golf, photography, the gym, playing on the computer and pottering around the house and garden. ‘House of Head’ is now 38 years old so there is always something broken, about to break or just been repaired!!!! How did we ever manage when we both worked full-time? Even with that busy schedule he is a wonderful cook and looks after me extremely well with dinner prepared and the washing, ironing and shopping in hand – I have little to complain about!!!   Mind you he does draw the line at housework – so thank you Anita – couldn’t manage without you.

Adam and his gorgeous girlfriend Rennae have just bought a new home; it is so exciting to see them get their lives in order. Their house is amazing and we are extremely proud of _NIK4980their efforts. I have no doubt they will achieve all their dreams as life goes on. Mind you I have heard ‘4 kids’ mentioned on more than one occasion – not sure if I should be worried!!!!!! Rennae is from Sydney and has moved a long way from her family to start a new life here in Perth. I more than anyone know how difficult that can be so hats off to her. She is an occupational therapist and is working very hard to gain the recognition and respect in her very specific and elite field of hand therapy.

Adam works very hard as a General Manager and partner in his own business and has attended and presented at several conferences throughout the year both in Australia and internationally. The most significant and most nerve racking was undoubtedly in Las Vegas where he presented to an international audience of thousands……… and nailed it!!!!!    Well done to our Main Man.

Another highlight of the year that’s been was Melbourne Cup. Yes we went and yes it was IMG_0571amazing!!!! We traveled with great friends Chris and Graeme and my dear sister Judy and her husband Doug met us from NZ – wow did we have a ball – Melbourne may never be the same again!!!!

Adam and Rennae also made the journey and with their friends we took out 14 seats in the Lawn Stand. No we’re not rich but the winnings did pay for the water we drank!!!!!

I’m still working as hard as ever but manage to stay sane with my Step into Life classes in Step Into Lifethe park – yes it is hard at 6am some days, especially in the cold winter mornings but mostly it’s just perfect weather and so nice to be outdoors – yes there is still a lot of Kiwi in this old bird!!!!



All this exercise set me in good stead to again walk the 24 hours of Relay for Life – my adopted daughters and their partners are such an inspiration and we have a ball even Relay for Lifethough it is taxing. Such a shame Danika is not here to join us – maybe next year!!!

Well I’ve rambled on enough, hope all your Chrissie plans are in hand – we  are excited to have Chris’ sister, Sandra with us this year in Perth. We wish Danika a safe and happy time in Sydney and hope her ‘orphan’s’ Christmas goes well. Adam will be celebrating the day with Rennae’s family in the Shire and to all the rest of our family and friends around the world we wish you all a very safe and a very happy festive season.

Till next year

Trish, Chris, Adam & Rennae and Danika


  1. Nice one !!! Pics are great 🙂
    I am a quieter achiever Adam, no accolades needed here !

  2. Nice work Marscha & Farscha – I see Rennae’s name comes before yours in the sign-off Dingballs! haha 🙂

  3. Thanks Ruvvie

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