1. I just looked through your Muddrush gallery. I know that by the name a “Tough Mudder”. I’ve always wished I had known about those when I was younger! What fun! I wasn’t able to view the gallery as a slideshow. It kept spinning “as in trying to process it to ready for viewing”. Since it was a small gallery I don’t know if it was because they seem to be large images or not. I have the Mantra theme also. I’m sure you know this. I love this theme and have actually donated to Cryout Creations and do benefit from 24/7 support. But, I would have donated anyway, as I am not a techie and this theme is wonderful, especially for someone who loves to display galleries. I do hope to get some galleries back up soon. Thank you for the help. I’ll be back some more, you have delightful photographs to look at.

    • Thanks Stephanie. The issue with the constant slideshow loading was because I was trying the Justified Image Grid plugin and while it worked okay, it has so many options that I decided to create a test install of my website on localhost to really test the plugin. I have now deactivated it on my web site so all should be good.
      By the way there is a Tough Mudder event as well as the Western Muddrush only it is a lot longer and harder.
      Glad you liked the photos.



  2. Thank you for taking the time to leave a helpful comment. For over a year, no one has. They just take images! 🙂 Anyway, I left a reply, but basically I took all of my galleries down I was so frustrated. Not that my photography was wonderful, I’m just a beginner actually. Yours, by the way, is stunning!
    But, by the 100th time someone has swiped your dog’s picture or in my case, all of the food photography I was taking, trying to ‘make a go’ of that, it was ‘trying’ at best. I never really could see a code in your post that I understood but I did find this page and thought you might find it interesting, esp. in terms of their discussion on the subject and other options they provide, as well. I’ll have to come back and visit your families’ site when I have more time to take in all of the beautiful photographs I’m just getting a glimpse of now.
    Here is the link: (it really is amp, not and)

    • Hi Stephanie

      I didn’t think the code went through, I’ve had problems in the past including code in comments. Anyway here it is again:

      Stop right click activity on photos.

      Add to section of header.php

      Use the following as I did, if your header.php doesn’t have a section

      Try it out and hopefully you can get your galleries back up and safe!



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