You’ve arrived at the villa…

Okay you’ve arrived, what next…

You will get your own bedroom; there are 6 double bedrooms and 2 twin bedrooms each with their own en-suite bathroom in the farmhouse and 1 double bedroom and 1 twin bedroom, with a bathroom,  in the Pink Cottage which is adjacent to the farmhouse. So couples will be allocated a double and singles will share a twin room.
Rooms will be allocated as guests arrive.


The converted barn which is used by the custodial family is off limits to guests.
Once you have your room and have dumped your bags, I would suggest a stroll around the property. Check out the pool and the outdoor areas, wander back inside check the kitchens and the rest of the farmhouse interior and don’t forget the Pink Cottage!



For more information on the villa check out this page: Villa location, accommodation and information

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