Getting to Villa Pomegranate…

As the villa is not on any inter-town transport route such as rail or bus, travel to the villa will most likely be from port city of Ancona the capital town of the region, 80km north.

ancona_1 (500 x 333)The modern port city of Ancona is located in the celebrated Le Marche region of central Italy. The region has been gaining in popularity recently, favored for its untouched natural beauty and delicious cuisine, and while Ancona itself is not strictly a tourist town it has much to offer visitors.

Located on the Adriatic Sea, Ancona is 200 km from the city of Bologna and 280 km from Rome. Nestled between the slopes of Monte Astagno and Monte Conero, the location made it easy for the original settlers from Syracuse to defend. Founded around 386 BC, visitors to Ancona will be delighted by the historic town on a hill not far from the port. Greek merchants established a Tyrian purple factory in the city and their influence on the area is remarkable. During Roman times the city had its own coin system and Greek was spoken throughout the area.

Ancona is a very important sea port and is very well connected by the coast to many important locations. The best and easiest way to reach Ancona is by ferries or boats, which are also connected to several international locations like Split, Rijeka, Zadar, Hvar, Korcula, Dubrovnik, Patras, Igoumenitsa, and Dugi Otok.

You can also take trains, buses and planes to reach the city.


By Air to Ancona…

The nearest airport is Ancona Airport ‘Rafaello Sanzio’  in  Ancona. Ancona airport is serviced by Alitalia, Lufthansa, Ryanair, United, Delta.

Once in Ancona you will then have the following choices on how to get to the villa.

By Train…

From Ancona you can get the train to Porto San Giorgio,  20min due west and the nearest seaside town to the villa.

The following link is to the website for Ancona to Porto San Giorgio trains. Ancona to Porto San Giorgio is from 30 min to 45 min and the price varies from EU€ 4 to EU€ 9.

The Trenitalia – RailEurope website is an overall train site that covers all manner of rail fares and passes for Europe. It offers a wealth of information on getting around Italy and Europe by train. For example, from Rome to Ancona is 3hrs 25min and costs as little as AU$ 31 or EU€ 22 2nd Class,  time of day dependent.

By Car…

To drive to the villa from Ancona will take approximately 60 minutes; some of you may wish to do this as it should be a good scenic drive. The advantage of driving is that you will then have transport to get around the area, bearing in mind the villa is not on any public transport route.

Following are links to a number of car rental places Auto Europe, and Sixt  and they all have pick-up from Ancona airport. There are a lot of other car rental companies available, these are only suggestions. Just be aware not all such as Europcar, have pick-ups from the airport.

By Bus…

The bus trip from Ancona to Porto San Giorgio takes around 1hr 45min. The bus company is iBus and when you have the page up enter the Departure as Ancona and the Arrival as Porto San Giorgio then click on Search; the Stops Info tab on the results page has all the bus stops listed. By clicking on the icons to left of Ancona and Porto San Giorgio you will be shown where the bus stops are for those places; as you will see there is only one stop between Ancona and Porto San Giorgio.

By Taxi…

You’ve reached Porto San Giorgio by public transport and now need to get to the villa. As we said earlier, the villa is only 20 minutes from the coast so a taxi is a viable option. Mind you, that may not be an “Italian ” 20 minutes!.

I am unable to find any indicative taxi fares from Porto San Giorgio to the villa;  I have found that the fares vary considerably, so you may want to do some research before jumping in a taxi. The distance from Porto San Giorgio to the villa is 19 km’s. So taking an average taxi charge it will be about AU$ 63 or EU€ 44 .

Multi-Transport Site…

The Rome2rio site has options for bus, train and taxi.

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